Vadil Sukhakari Yojana In Gujarat: Healthcare services to Elderly Citizens

Vadil Sukhakari Yojana, gujarat state government has introduced Vadil Sukhakari Yojana 2020, get Healthcare benefits for elderly citizen. Scheme launched by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Under this scheme team of doctors and paramedical staff will visit elderly citizens. We all know that Gujarat government has introduces various welfare schemes as well as pension schemes to elderly citizens. Recently Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has introduced scheme is named as Vadil Sukhakari Yojana. Today in this article we will share you complete information regarding Gujarat Vadil Sukhakari Scheme.

Vadil Sukhakari Yojana

Vadil Sukhakari Yojana

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation of Gujarat it is going to provide Healthcare services. Under this scheme team of 3 paramedical staff will elderly citizens. For the checking of diseases constituted teams will distribute immunity booster package including following:

  • Vitamin C tablets
  • Zinc tablet
  • Samsamani Vati

There are also other medicine and essential drugs which are necessary for senior citizen would be given. This is of first ever kind any relative that started by Gujarat government to provide Healthcare services for elderly people. If you want to know more about this game then you have to read out this all article till the end.

Major Highlights Vadil Sukhakari Yojana Gujarat

  • Scheme Name – Vadil Sukhakari Yojana
  • Launched by – state government of Gujarat
  • Department – Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
  • Benefits – state Elderly Citizens
  • Objective – to provide Healthcare services

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation of Gujarat will make 100 such teams to provide under such team and around 2000 senior citizen everyday. All senior citizens visited by the team every 15 days. Under this scheme government will ensure that a doctor and paramedical staff visit Italy citizen regularly and check them for various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart beats, blood pressure, oxygen level, kidney diseases and other diseases.

Regular Check up for Diseases

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Beat
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen level
  • Kidney diseases
  • Other diseases

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has developed special software for the project to maintain data and record of co-morbidity of senior citizens. Under this scheme AMC hazard enter find 30000 senior citizens with co-morbidity. Survey was conducted in 21 was with greater incidence of coronavirus infection.

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FAQs: Frequently asking question

What is Vadil Sukhakari Yojna In Gujarat?

This scheme launched by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to provide health care services for senior citizen.

What are the benefits of Vadil Sukhakari Yojna?

Complete benefits of the scheme discussed in the above article.

Final Words: I hope you will get complete information regarding the scheme. For more updated information stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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